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la botte
About us


Sfizi, Baguette e Golosità

It is a concept come true. A fast food and a take away where quality meets creativity. Established as a brand that tastefully combines traditional values and innovation by welcoming its customers in a warm atmosphere and surprising it with flavors and aromas that cannot be forget: a fast and quality catering, a true excellence. If you have a fast and dynamic life, but you don't want to give up the taste of hand-made food, you have come to the right place.

  • La Botte Sfizi Baguette & Golosità
  • La Botte Sfizi Baguette & Golosità
  • La Botte Sfizi Baguette & Golosità
  • La Botte Sfizi Baguette & Golosità
  • La Botte Sfizi Baguette & Golosità
  • La Botte Sfizi Baguette & Golosità
  • La Botte Sfizi Baguette & Golosità
  • La Botte Sfizi Baguette & Golosità

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The Place

  • La Botte - Il locale
  • La Botte - Il locale
  • La Botte - Il locale
  • La Botte - Il locale
  • La Botte - Il locale
  • La Botte - Il locale

The Products

  • La Botte - Qualità Creatività e Genuinità
  • La Botte - Aperitivi, bruschette
  • La Botte - pizze - focacce
  • La Botte - Aperitivi
  • La Botte - Le fritture
  • La Botte - I primi piatti
  • La Botte - Le insalate
  • La Botte - Le carni
  • La Botte - Le insalate
  • La Botte - Fantasia e genuinità
  • La Botte - I contorni
  • La Botte - I cocktail
  • La Botte - Baguette e panini
  • La Botte - Piadine
  • La Botte - Le pizze farcite
  • La Botte - Aperitivi
  • La Botte - Aperitivi
  • La Botte - Prodotti tipici e genuini
  • La Botte - I panini

The Details

  • La Botte - I particolari
  • La Botte - I particolari
  • La Botte - I particolari
  • La Botte - I particolari
  • La Botte - I particolari
  • La Botte - I particolari

The Staff

  • Lo staff de La Botte
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'
  • Lo staff de 'La Botte'


We are proud of the affiliation opportunity we offer. Our aim is to offer our franchisees all means and knowledge to conduct a successful and highly profitable business on their own.

Opening a local "La Botte" means:

  • To invest in a sector of fast food and gourmet quality takeaways, that knows no crisis;
  • To join a structured parent company with decades of experience and success;
  • To offer high quality food, with a menu and a wide selection of products;
  • To offer a wide offer: from breakfast to aperitifs, from lunch to dinner until after dinner and evening drinks;
  • Ease of management;
  • Efficient and safe management control.

What we offer:

  • A brand that stands out for its quality;
  • An offer of simple and natural dishes;
  • A quick return on investment

Your local in 8 Step

  1. Request information about the franchise "La Botte", by sending the informative brochure on the contract. On request, its also possible to receive the Business Plan of one of our pilot shops and the affiliation contract;
  2. Meeting, at the Naples office, with the head of the franchising development to carry out the technical audits of the proposed venue;
  3. Signature of the pre contract and payment of a deposit to reserve the exclusivity of the area and to cover the costs of the preliminary project;
  4. Signature of the affiliation contract and payment of 30% of the contract cost;
  5. Preparation of the architectural and executive project, with on-site inspections by our technicians and / or architects;
  6. Start-up work in 20 days of the signature date of the affiliation contract;
  7. Carrying out the works, internal construction, assembly and testing of operating equipment;
  8. Open day.

The no stop research of products, cooking techniques, the management of the waiting staff, and the constant attention to the quality are the basis of our know-how and the network of “La Botte" is founded and prospered as a result of to the following ingredients:

  • Proven and successful business system;
  • Tested and successful entrepreneurial system;
  • Architectural design of the store;
  • Intellectual property and know-how;
  • Operative manual
  • Staff uniforms
  • Post opening assistance
  • Integrated information system

The right location for a "La Botte" restaurant is located near retail space and high traffic areas, in urban centers and with a minimum surface area of 40 square meters

One of our group of professionals will evaluate the location and will be able to draw up a business plan and a cost estimate. After our approval of the premises and your inherent cost estimate, we will be ready to deliver the finished room with the "Turnkey" formula in about eight weeks from the signing of the contract

Business Plan Download brochure Info request form.

Work with us

Send your resume to join our staff at "La Botte".

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Curriculum Vitae (in pdf):

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Where you find us

LA BOTTE Sfizi Baguette e Golosità si trova a :
- Napoli Via Scarlatti, 147


Fill out the form to get information about us and about opening a point "La Botte":

Flagship store:
via Scarlatti 147, 80127 NAPLES

"La Botte Sfizi Baguette & Golosità" (TM) is a registered trade mark by:
Capital Trade s.r.l.s.
Via degli Oleandri 431/B 80131 Napoli - P.IVA 07625161216

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